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Resistance Weight Band Set With 8 Settings

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Resistance Bands Set are portable and light weight, easy to carry,so you can work out just about anywhere

Package :1 Resistance Bands Set






The whole concept of there sistance band is performing exercises that use its elastic nature to work specitic parts of the body. Traditional weights only provide resistance during one directionof the movement, but resistance bands provide a steady stream of tension throughout the entire movement. This is sometimes referred to as negative resistance. The biggest benefit of a resistance band is this ability to work more thanone muscle at a time creating an efficient, streamlined workout. 



Another great benefit is the bands are portable and light weight, so you can work out just about anywhere.In order for a muscle to grow, its tissue must be broken down through some form of resistance. By constantly breaking down muscle tissue, then allowing it to regenerate, it will begin to grow in size and definition. 




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