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As simple as no sale, no fee.

We have made this as easy and risk free so there can be no excuses for not trying your hand at online selling. Start now with absolutely no financial risk. Let us introduce you to our three income generating packages


How our fees work

It costs absolutely nothing to become a vendor on lovinabargain.com. All you need is something to sell, an email address, an account to receive payments when you have a successful sale closure and a bit of your time .

1 Insertion Fee

This fee is only charged on a successful sale closure and is dependant on the cost of the item and the vendor package you have signed up for.

2 Closure Of Sale Fee

This fee is only charged on a successful sale closure and is a % of the value of the product sold added to the cost of shipping. Again these fees vary depending on the vendor package you have signed up for.

3 Payment gate way fees

This is the fee for the financial processing of your sale. It is charged on the overall amount of your sale including shipping and taxes where applicable. We are charged 4% of this figure and a fixed charge of $0.35 per transaction by PayPal and Stripe, which we then pass on directly to you the merchant.

Please note that we have provided a Profit Calculation tool for all vendors to use when uploading products and setting the sale costs of these products. When you use this tool, you can see exactly how much you need to charge for an item to achieve the required amount of return to make a profit.

Power Tools for Important Jobs

Use the Sell on lovinabargain app to manage orders, update items and respond to your customers on the go.

Manage your business anywhere

From providing our vendors with the most transparent profit per sale management system that allows you to exactly calculate how much you will earn on any particular item when you add it to your store, to your unique own label, fully customisable, IOS or Android app that can be distributed by SMS, email or through any website link WITHOUT having to upload it to the App Store or Google Play, Lovinabargain.com has you covered

Promotional tools that drive traffic

Lovinabargain.com has developed an opt in advertising partnership program feature , that allows us to promote our vendors product categories through keywords selected by them with search results leading directly to their items they are selling. By using volume purchasing and being in direct partnership with Google, we can deliver exceptional value for each and every advertising cent Spent

Treasure Hunt Shoppers

Every time our shoppers use Treasure Hunt, they can find you. Even if you don’t have what they are looking for, you can find it, upload it to your store and we will let them know. Another unique and sales generating tool provided free to all our vendors

Your success is our success

Our dedicated team of vendor managers are there 24/7 to help you manage and optimise your store making sure you are in the perfect position to close every sale possible.

Choose your own path to success

lovinabargain has tools designed for every stage of your business’s growth —
no matter how big your ambitions. Access more advanced tools with
an optional monthly subscription package.

Choose your plan

You will be charged for the plan after the admin approves your vendor account

  • Add up to 20 products per month.

    basic seller

    Free/ Month

    20 products

    Unlimited revenue

    10.15% transaction fee

  • Business seller package

    Business seller

    $19.99/ Month

    200 products

    Unlimited revenue

    9% transaction fee

    Vendor microstore

  • With Your Own Free App


    $49.99/ Month

    Unlimited products

    Unlimited revenue

    7.5% transaction fee

    Vendor microstore

Standard fees apply to all packages, including listing fees and the updated transaction fee.

Is Lovinabargain Business Or Professional For Your Business?

Give your online business the kickstart it deserves by upgrading to a Business or Professional Vendor account. Packed to the brim with sale boosting features, why not lift your online presence to the next level and multiply your sales.

Your Own Customised App

As a professional package subscriber you will receive your own customised IOS or Android App, for you to promote and distribute to whomever you like and without having to go near the App Store or Google play. Simply send your app directly to your customers via Text SMS, email, link from your lovinabargain vendor store or any other web resource. Research has shown that a huge amount of money is spent on ecommerce apps that are never downloaded because there are too many steps. By taking out that extra step of having to use the App Store or Google play, we have simplified the process for the end user. Click the link in your message and your app lands on their smart phone or tablet.

Abandoned Shopping Cart Rescue

Everyone at some stage has visited an online store and put items in the shopping cart only to move on to the next web site leaving an abandoned cart and those items unsold. In fact the latest research figures suggest as many as 77% of carts are abandoned. That’s a lot of unpurchased product. With the cost of the items in the cart being a major driver for the high abandonment rates, Lovinabargain has done something about it. As a vendor on Lovinabargain, anytime your products end up in an abandoned cart, you will receive a notification of this and have the chance to rescue the sale by lowering the cost of that particular item. We hope this will give Lovinabargain a class leading reduction In the number of abandoned carts on our site and you, an unfair advantage over every other online seller

Stand Out When It Is Hard To Be Seen

Customise your store on lovinabargain, with personal logos and customised theme layouts and colours. Match any external web presence that you already have to strengthen your brand awareness. Stand up and be seen.


Every seller on Lovinabargain.com is assigned their very own support team member. They are available to help you every step of the way. Whether you are just starting out on your online selling journey or selling thousands of items a month, your personal support member is there to help you on your particular journey

Whenever you need assistance

Total commitment to every one of our sellers, whether you have one item to sell or thousands, we are listening.

Tips for success

Steps to your success. Our handy and valuable guide to help you on your way to a healthy business. Read all about best practice to gain and increase sales, the do’s and don’ts of online selling and much, much, more. Keep checking back as the content is regularly updated and added to.

Seller newsletter

If you need an answer in a hurry, simple open that chat box and speak with one of our highly trained support team members. It wont be the one assigned to you personally, however we are sure they will be able to help with most questions or issues you have

Get advice

Your support team member is always ready to assist and give expert advise on how to get the most out of your store, how to maximise your profits and get more visitors. You ask the questions and they will supply the answers. Send them an email any time.

    • Lovinabargain has provided our vendors with a global marketplace where they can upload their products to our online sales platform for purchase by our shoppers. Once they own the item for sale , it is not illegal to possess, purchase or sell that item and it can be shipped by them to the buyer, they can then place it on their store on Lovinabargain for sale.

  • Setting up to sell your products on Lovinabargain is very easy. Create an account with your name and email address, name your store, set your payment method for both paying closure fees and more importantly, so we can pay you. Finally upload your products, receive your orders, process them and receive payment from us.Payments are made every two weeks to your chosen payment receipt method and if you have a paid subscription, the subscription fee will be deducted from your vendor account balance unless you have made a subscription cancelation request 7 days prior to the subscription period renewal date

  • Lovinabargain has one of the most if not THE most transparent and easy to understand fee structure. Not only that, but our fees are some of the lowest in the industry. Add to that the tools we provide our wonderful vendors and you can start to understand why Lovinabargain has gained so much traction among sellers and buyers worldwide. Click here to see our fees table and examples of our vendor fees in action. Use the profit calculator when adding your products and you will be able to adjust your selling price to account of our fees and make sure every sale you make is profitable.