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Slimming And Weight Loss Diet Pills

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 Product name  

5S konjac Aloe Vera

Main raw materials

Konjac powder、aloe vera gel powder、brown sugar


30pcs/box, 10 pieces of *3 plate

Quality guarantee period

24 (month)

Health care function

Reduce weight

Edible method


Matters needing attention

This product is not a substitute for drugs

Unfit for the crowd

Pregnant and lactation women, infants and young children


take 1~2 tablets every morning and night half an hour brfore meals.

Suitable population

Simple obesity, constipation, chloasma and high blood lipids.  


Konjac is a good deep dietary fiber.

Konjac flour from konjak processed by physical means is called "Oriental magic powder".




5S Konjac Aloe Vera

Healthy weight loss                     Eat out the curve




1, Repair

Quintessence of konjac, dietary, full beiil feeling

2, Discharge

Aloe essence,detox,maintain beauty and keep young






     Little science

  •          It can effectively adsorb cholesterol and bile acids, and inhibit the absorption of cholesterol and bile acids
  •         The effective component of the konjac is glucomannan, which is not digested in the stomach after eating.

                and reduce the cholesterol.

  •         Glucomannan can form a protective layer around the food to prevent digestive enzymes from interacting with food.

​     Konjac can expand 80-100 times after absorbing water, produce long-lasting satiety, reduce appetite, and abosorb heavy metal elements

     and exclude in vitro.

     Aloe vera can eliminate toxins in the body, and it is holy product for beauty and beauty. It has been popular among the public.






Product name: 5S konjac Aloe Vera

Specifications:30pcs/box, 10 pieces of *3 plate

Health care function:Reduce weight

Main raw materials:Konjac powder、aloe vera gel powder、brown sugar

Quality guarantee period: 24 (month)

Matters needing attention:This product is not a substitute for drugs

Consumption:Once a day ,once a 1~2

Unfit for the crowd:Pregnant and lactation women, infants and young children

Suitable population:Simple obesity, constipation, chloasma and high blood lipids. 






    "S" curve, more beautiful

  • Pure natural, zero addition

             No irritation,green healty

  • Not starving

             Low calorie, increase the feeling of satiety

  • Toxin elimination


             Add aloe, detoxify and nourishing

  • Get instant results

             Reducing heat absorption per day

  • Reduce teh amout of food

             Keep eating every day to reduce the amount of food







Three small boxes in a large box. 10 pieces of each small box.

Take a total of half a mouth to one month.

Once a day, 1-2 tablets each time.





The expansion coo efficent of the konjac is great, up to 80-100 times of the original volume. It don't need to eat more,

that is to give people a feeling of satiety, which will naturally inhibit the intake of other foods.





Intended for

  1. A  sedentary office worke 
  2. Postartum mother
  3. A fashion family who loves the curve and is afraid of side effects
  4. Uncuntrollable mouth big stomach King
  5. Want to use weight and be afraid to rebound
  6. Fat people who need to lose weight



Although diet can reduce calorie intake, but also reduce the basic metabolic rate of the human body, the body is automatically adjusted to

a state of dormancy in the condition of insufficient nutrition and energy, and the body begins to appear weak, low immunity and no weight loss.

Therefore, in the whole process, we should balance nutrition, satisfy the necessary heat and expel toxins. It not only ensures reasonable energy

supply, but also ensures that excess heat is not converted to fat. The combination of discharge and recharge is more important.



Finally, most people feel comfortable for the first month of defecation, stomach do not always rise, belly becomes small. When I was second months, I began to lose weight obviously. It is worth mentioning that this product will not rebound after stopping. No one feels bad symptoms such as dizziness and weakness!
You don't gain weight overnight, so don't expect to lose to a flash in 35 days. Give yourself 1~3 months to witness your beauty.




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