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About Us

Lovinabargain.com is all about giving our customers the very best online experience. By finding, hosting and presenting for purchase the products you are looking for, at the very best Prices online. How?

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Lovinabargain.com from its inception in early 2020 set out goals that we felt we had to achieve in order to create a new way of consumer centric thinking that would be in the very best interests of online shoppers. Most notable among these was our desire to bring quality, value and service to the forefront of the online shopper’s experience by orchestrating the creation of a new and very different kind of online marketplace. A marketplace where the customer is king and sellers compete fiercely with each other on price and added value, for your business. This led us to develop our unique and first to market, Bargain Generation Tool. Try it out and see did we succeed in what we set out to achieve. Hopefully you will love this online shopping tool and get as much enjoyment using it as we did when designing and deploying it here on Lovinabargain.com.

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We haven’t forgotten our store owners either. With our unique, first to market, Bargain Generation Tool, every single one of our retailers for that specific product, has a chance to make that sale. We match our shoppers with as many retailers as we can find for the product in question and then it is completely up to the retailer if they or another store owner is sucessful. Remember price, service and value are the most important aspects of successful online retailing. As one of our storeowners, you can adjust your pricing and or add a sweetener to any deal to guarantee that sale in Realtime , all the while being able to see what the pricing structure of your competitors is and still being able to set and maintain the profit margin that you need to succeed. We provide our retailers with a full set of tools to allow you to become successful store owners on Lovinabargain.com. All our retailer fees are transparent , from our budget, no sale, no fee, entry level basic package that allows you to add 20 products to our marketplace, right up to our professional retailer package with unlimited products and your very own white label Android or IOS app, all through the process you can see on the fly, how your profit margins and our fees interact with each other, giving you clarity and peace of mind when you are competing with other retailers for market share .

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Our Mission

When Your Business Succeeds, We Succeed

Our Mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere by giving suppliers the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their products, and by helping buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently.